Cleaning the Inside of a Pan

Every woman who leads a household in the kitchen, or from what is not insured. Almost every woman faced with breakdowns of home appliances in the kitchen. But some flaws in the kitchen modern housewife can fix itself. We are talking about the appearance of the pans, cast-iron pots layer, the so-called popularly varnish. In some countries, notably in South Asia, a deposit must be present on any vessel, where the food is cooked.

How to clean the pan of a deposit

Nagar in South Asia is considered an essential element in cooking. We have also decided to deal with such unpleasant layer on the pan. Surely every modern housewife trying to clean up a deposit. This article is written to help the hostess. This article provides some useful tips on how to remove carbon deposits from the pan. Many hostess tried a large number of tools to remove carbon deposits, while spending no small amount of money and effort.
Before choosing a method of cleaning the pan of a deposit, you must determine what material is made piece of plate. This article still wanted to pay more attention to such a vessel as a frying pan. Frying is frequently used kitchen items, and it is often it needs to be cleaned. First I would like to dwell on the word Nagar. W  hat is this? Nagar – a layer of fat, which dries up and withers on metal surfaces. If the dishes are not cleared on time and in full, then later a deposit will be a serious problem for the hostess.

Teflon pan

A Teflon pan -less protected from sticking any kind of burnt food. If a deposit has appeared on a frying pan, it is enough to leave such a vessel under warm water for an hour, maybe more. But if you still grease particles remain in the pan, it will be necessary to take any dishwashing detergent and rinse the pan a few times. In no case can not be washed out of the frying pan of the metal iron sponges or powders, as such funds cover spoil dishes.

Ceramic pan

Usually ceramic coatings do not form a deposit. But if such coverage will be observed cracks, the scale does not slow in coming. From the beginning of ceramic tableware need to look very carefully. Washing dishes such should be only in warm water and using a soft cloth to remove grease and must use a mild detergent to remove grease. Powder means extremely prohibited.

Cast iron skillet

Housekeeping tip: cast iron skillet to begin to glow with the addition of vegetable oil. This is done in order to form a layer which will later protect the food from burning. This is the only pan which to shine clean is not necessary. But if you still require a deposit has to clean himself, then there is need to resort to national methods. And here’s how to do it: To remove the internal deposits, you must use the vinegar, salt and soda. Three or four tablespoons of salt is necessary to fill in the pan, then pour vinegar to completely cover the bottom of the pan, then boil the entire contents. Then pour one fourth cup of soda, wait pokipit, then remove from heat and under the warm waters. Frying pan after such procedures will shine.

How to save a deposit an aluminum pan?

Yes, aluminum – one of the most whimsical metal. This metal is very sensitive to external influences. It is impossible to clean a pan to use iron wool, they cause great harm to the surface of the pan. Regular soda very well to cope with a deposit on aluminum pans. Soda apply a thick layer on the wet surface of the pan, soft cloth, then, leave the pan with baking soda for 10 minutes, then gently remove carbon deposits. Frying cleansed and will serve on.